Narnia: The Early Chronicles – About to Open!

Set construction is furiously underway at RTC HQ.

You only get to see a tiny bit. If you’re very nosy (I hope you are), then come see the show!

Day after day, new costume pieces have been arriving. Fittings have been going on, extra rehearsals are being squeezed in, choreography being finalized, press releases are going out, makeup templates being created for the 30+ animals and creatures to be presented in this fabulous production.  We have fundraised and applied for grants and sponsorship, and worked terribly hard to make sure that we could offer a lovely show for the families of Windsor-Essex at the end of this month.
Yesterday, there was a knock at the door of RTC HQ and – I kid you not –  a Centaur walked in looking for a job. We tossed him on the treadmill to see how he trotted, and hired him on the spot (thank you, Julie and Sam Hebert, for donating your time and effort and resources to construct said wonderful beastie for our production!).
During rehearsal, students are busy making crowns for Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund. img_26401The White Witch has made her own crowns, because no one wants to help her!  There have even been students tucked away in corners of the rehearsal space busily growing beards and moustaches!
Beard under construction….stay tuned for final results.

I’m telling you, things are on the move!
You won’t want to miss this show. 39 kids in this cast (the dressing room assignments ought to be interesting, to say the least), with a gaggle of lions, dwarves, water spirits, dryads, cheetahs, rabbits, lemurs, marsh wiggles, hags, wolves, witches, foxes, etc., etc. to captivate our audience. You would not believe the piles of makeup that have been accumulating!
Small sample shown here!

This timeless classic is going to be a beautiful show for Windsor. Riverfront is so proud to be presenting another original adaptation. We love having our students collaborate with Kristina to write new plays with enough room for meaningful time on stage for all our actors.
Please be sure to come out to see it. Tickets can be reserved by email transfer (contact us at or by phone at 519-817-8780. We will also operate a box office an hour before each performance.
You have THREE CHANCES, and THREE CHANCES only to see this show, unless you’re lucky enough to be one of the schools who DIDN’T hear, “I’m so sorry, it’s already sold out,” and you’ll be at our school performance.
Friday, February 24th, 7 p.m.
Saturday, February 25th, 7 p.m.
Sunday, February 26th, 2 p.m.
Tickets are only $15 for adults, $10 for students under 18.  With nearly 40 actors entertaining you live for over two hours – you’re going to get your money’s worth!  With extra happiness supplied at our by-donation bake sale! ( We have a team of magicians furiously making Turkish Delight on a daily basis, the better to enchant you.)

Riverfront Theatre Company is a charitable organization, a branch of the House of Play and Education for Youth and the Youth Connection Association for Academic Excellence. The participating students rehearse each week from September to June to produce three plays a year. All the staff are volunteers, and the students pay no fee to participate in the program. Your assistance in spreading the word about this production helps us to ensure the continuation of this valuable program in the community.
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