Month: August 2015

Windsor's Premiere Youth Theatre Company

The 2nd Annual Riverfront Theatre Company Car Wash!

Saturday, August 29, 2015, Riverfronters gathered together for our kickoff fundraiser of the season.  Almost all our families were in town and ready to pitch in. They got to work nice and early, starting the day with one of our OnFreight sponsor trucks, driven in by owner-operator Dave Duckett. We think the sight of that …

We have an Aladdin Poster!

I am so excited to present our absolutely gorgeous new poster, designed for us by Colleen Coleman!  We are blessed to have her willingness to make these beautiful posters for us!  Thank you, Colleen!

Things are definitely getting going now!

Well, friends, I am happy to report that all three of our scripts are written, as of last night (pending a few minor revisions). That was a huge amount of work, and it’s done, and we’re feeling proud and happy and excited to get them printed up and in the hands of our directors, crew, …

Our Second Annual Car Wash is happening this month

In preparation for our upcoming season, Riverfront will be holding our second annual car wash this month. We’re very grateful to Sobey’s for their continued support in hosting this event! We look forward to meeting you, cleaning your car, and telling you all about our upcoming season!  Please be sure to come out and get …

Registrations going out at the end of this week!

Yes, Riverfront friends and family, it is THAT time of year! Our registration packets will be going out to our returning students this week, and to those already on the waiting list. NOW is the time to let me know if you want to register your child who will fall between the ages of 6 …