Windsor's Premiere Youth Theatre Company

Kristina Garswood

Executive Director

Katina Vido

Administrative Assistant

Active Volunteer Staff

Kristina & Caroline Garswood

Co-Directors – Mary Poppins

Katina Vido, Tita Magdeline & Jenna LePage

Directors, Under Pressure (1 play each)

Katina Vido, Julian David, Caroline Garswood & Kristina Garswood

Directors, Where There’s a Will Shakespeare Festival

Jeffrey Gartshore

Director, A Christmas Peter Pan

Sydney White & Lauren Carlini


Grace Clarkson

Dance Captain

Jeffrey Gartshore

Music Director

Meredith Garswood

Assistant Music Director
Stage Manager

Crystal Benn

Technical Advisor

Eric Tulp

Technical Advisor

Danielle Campbell

Production Crew

Sofia Baert

Production Crew

Sabin Visan

Lighting Director

Eric Tulp & John Garswood

Set Design & Construction

Doug Clarkson

Set Construction

Denise Duckett

Set Construction

Julie Hebert

Set Construction

Leah Wlodarek

Set Construction

Dima Bedawi

Set Construction

Katina Vido

Videographer / Editor

Riverfront Management Committee:

Meaghan Clarkson, Doug Clarkson, Nicole David, Kristina Garswood, John Garswood, Andrea Sabine, Katina Vido.


Are you a mature individual who is interested in joining The Riverfront Theatre Company? We have several volunteer positions available. High school students may receive additional volunteer hour credits. For adults, there is the joy of helping the youth of our region grow and mature in a sociable, diligent, and creative fashion, all the while having immense fun doing so.For more information, please feel free to contact us by phone or email!