Riverfront Theatre Company Inc. incorporated independently in July 2021.
In November 2022, we achieved Charitable status.

Board of Directors

Kristina Garswood

President/Executive Director

Andrea Ryan


Eric Tulp

General Manager

Kristin McMahon

Secretary/Fundraising Coordinator

Active Volunteer Roster

Kristina Garswood

Director (A Wrinkle in Time, Assistant Director, Madagascar Jr)

John Garswood

Assistant Director, Scenic Design, Set Construction, Props

Bruce Simpson

Music Director

Kayla Bezaire


Eric Tulp

Technical Director, Set Design and Construction

Finn Garswood

Director (Velveteen Rabbit, Madagascar Jr), Scenic Design, Makeup

Andrea Ryan

Costume Director

Lee Taylor

Student Director, A Wrinkle in Time

Meredith Garswood

Assistant Music Director

Connor Porcellini

Stage Manager, A Wrinkle in Time

Brie Sieben

Student Assistant Director, Velveteen Rabbit

Kristin and Tom McMahon

Fundraising Coordinators

Archer Bennett

Makeup Team

James Marchand

Member Relations


Are you a mature individual who is interested in joining Riverfront Theatre Company? We have several volunteer positions available. High school students may receive additional volunteer hour credits. For adults, there is the joy of helping the youth of our region grow and mature in a sociable, diligent, and creative fashion, all the while having immense fun doing so. For more information, please feel free to contact us by phone or email!

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