“Clash Day” at Riverfront, and we finished Hamlet! Busy, all around!

Today was our second-last rehearsal day in our regular space for this season, and we had it JAM-PACKED!

We realised yesterday that we haven’t had a single spirit day all season, so we sent out an emergency bulletin that today would be “CLASH DAY” at RTC – the mission being to wear whatever you wanted (that you could dance and sing in!), as long as it hurt everyone’s eyes as much as possible. The kids were very agreeable, and arrived in a variety of bizarre outfits.

In the morning, we did a full run-through of Act II of Princess Whatsername. While that was going on, those who weren’t tired up, whirled through Act V of Hamlet, putting the final touches on their lapbooks. Here are a few of the proud owners (and the occasional glimpse of their wacky outfits)!

We are READY for our Hamlet movie night next Friday night – and the Stratford tickets arrived this week, so we will soon be on our way there to see the live theatrical production at the Stratford Festival Theatre!

IMG_4942 IMG_4936 IMG_4935 IMG_4934 IMG_4933 IMG_4932

Meanwhile, our Costume Director, Denise Duckett, had arrived and was working on some of the final fittings for our princes, princesses, dwarves, fairies and more! The sewing machine was humming, and people were being pinned and tucked and adjusted everywhere you turned!

Once our morning was over, it was time for lunch – but not for everyone!  Four of our cast were tied up having their masks made for their costumes – and several volunteers were working hard to make those masks happen. My deepest apologies for missing those masks in photos – I was busy sorting out the Hamlet tickets into their envelopes.

At 1 p.m., our wonderful pianist, Joanna Shultz, of InTune Music, arrived to do some live-run-throughs with the music.


Act One was the target at this point, until our choreographer, Drake Prosser-Spence, arrived shortly after 2 p.m. to start working the kids through their dance numbers with Joanna.  And that kept everyone busy right up till 4.

Time is running short, and there is never a shortage of work for the kids!  We are so excited to have this production ready for our audiences in another two weeks!  We have one more mask to make next week, and all of them left to build up and paint – and our sets are busily underway as well, at our other location!  Busy, busy!

Are YOU coming to Princess Whatsername?  You should be! It’s going to be such fun for all our Windsor and Essex County families! It’s a fresh musical with a wonderful score, and a really cute story.  Come enjoy our cast as they try to help our amnesiac princess find her way home, and her true love!  Our school performance on the Friday morning is NEARLY, but not QUITE, sold out, but we have plenty of seating available for our regular shows. All tickets can be purchased through the box office at The Olde Walkerville Theatre! Just call 519-253-2929.


Also – I am starting to get lots of emails from people interested in being part of Riverfront – and why not? It’s a terrific place to spend your Saturdays!  Check out our “How to Join” link up above in the header page to find out how you can be part of RTC next season!  In the meantime, come to a performance and get an idea of what we’re all about?

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