Riverfront Educational Initiative

Riverfront Theatre Company sees it as vitally important to make theatre accessible, for our own students, and for our student audiences as well.

Several years ago, we introduced the Riverfront Education Initiative (REI), where we worked to set aside funds (sometimes obtaining grants for this purpose) to subsidise or eliminate ticket fees for underprivileged students to be able to attend our shows. Ticket subsidies are offered, where we are able, to schools whose students are known to face economic challenges, for whom field trips are not an option.

We have also used these funds to make tickets available to young people with WYC, and with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and with the Youth Connection Association.

We have awarded “scholarships” to students whose families have been struggling economically, to ensure that they don’t even have to worry about paying for the very small associated costs with Riverfront, such as scripts, tshirts and dance shoes.

Futhermore, we are in the process of attempting to build a scholarship fund to allot a certain amount of money to our graduating students in good standing each year who are pursuing post-secondary education in any field, to express our faith in their continuing studies.

You can donate to Riverfront’s educational initiatives, specifically earmarking your funds to go to supporting these goals – simply indicate that you would like to make an educational donation and send your donation by etransfer to info@riverfronttheatrecompany.com, or mail it in by cheque to Riverfront Theatre Company, 1040 Silverdale Drive, Windsor, Ontario. N9G 2R9.

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