The insanity is peaking!

Well, we have an indeterminate number of kids arriving at my house in a few hours to watch David Tennant’s 2009 production of Hamlet for our RTC movie night.

In the middle of that, we have set and costume production going on, of course.

I believe the plan is to have at least one of the kids come early to have her mask re-done, because it didn’t hold up well enough to paint.

Meredith has been working hard on the masks that are done so far – a few more to go! (a bit blurry, sorry!) IMG_4972

John and Kerri have been working very hard on sets! A lot of them are folded up right now, but you can see our stairs and trees in progress – expandable foam is pretty cool as a set construction tool!




All the painting of the foam is yet to come, but watch the transformation take place!

It’s even handy for porridge for our dwarves and bears!


And all this is just the activity at our house. There’s another home where Denise’s sewing machine never stops, and a few other homes that have got some projects on the go as well (thanks, Nicole, for that beautiful quilt piece!).

Denise sewing

Denise sewing 2

I’m really glad my house isn’t the only one that looks this crazy!

Costumes at Denise's house

Houses around Windsor and Essex County are resounding with the Princess Whatsername soundtrack as the kids make sure that everything is at 100% for the show.

The chaos never stops, I could say. But that isn’t true. It’ll all come to a grinding halt, for the most part, at least, at about 7 p.m. on the 24th, when the set is cleared, the U-Haul truck returned, and the storage locker shut. Princess Whatsername will be done, and with it, our 12th season.

We’ll have another get-together, of course, on the 29th, when we trek up to Stratford together. And we’ll have a car wash, and maybe another movie night in the summer. But it’s going to be very quiet on our Saturdays. In the background, things will be humming, as the plays for next season get put together, and we start quietly accumulating the next round of props and material for costumes. It never really stops. But the summer is a breather. And after all the madness of these closing weeks, it’s a breather we appreciate.

Before the breather? Another family-friendly musical by your friends at Riverfront Theatre Company. You can see the work going into it – so please do come out to enjoy it with us! We’d love to see you there.


If all of this frenetic excitement sounds too good to miss, check out our “how to join” link, and consider being part of RTC in our 13th season. Lots of good plans coming together for the fall!

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