No Complaints opens THIS WEEKEND!

On Friday, Riverfront’s latest original production, No Complaints, opens at the Kordazone Theatre, for four fun-filled performances!

Written and workshopped by the Riverfront students during the COVID lockdowns, finally rehearsed in person, No Complaints is hitting the stage for you and your family to enjoy.

The story is that of a drama club very reluctantly putting together a production of King Lear. There are few Shakespeare fans in the group. Enthusiasm is running low, and complaints and bickering and outright threats are abounding!

In an act of desperation to force them to work together, their drama teacher pretends to quit, asking the apathetic chemistry teacher to supervise them in her stead. The kids are forced to pull together and change their attitude. Part of the change is a decision to go COMPLAINT-FREE!

It’s not enough for the students to stop complaining, though! They decide that the Lear characters have to, as well. It’s time for King Lear to become….a COMEDY!

Hilarity and mayhem ensues as the plot unravels, until order is restored, and the drama is put to rights, where it belongs – on the stage.

Please come join us for this wonderful production, made possible through the support of Will Bowen and his willingness to share the use of his Complaint Free World program with us and also the City of Windsor’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund Grant. We are blessed by this support, and the ongoing support of our sponsors. And we’re so proud of these kids!

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