Announcing our casts for Anne of Green Gables and Seussical!

All auditions having been completed, with callbacks and casting meetings all under our belt, RTC is proud to announce our casts for two of our three upcoming shows this season!
Anne of Green Gables (POSTER COMING SOON) – February 23-25, 2018 :
Young Anne – Alisa Whalen
Older Anne – Grace Clarkson
Marilla – Brooke Samms
Matthew – Julian David
Mrs. Rachel Lynde – Brinda Joseph Benher
Thomas Lynde – Matthew Hogan
Young Diana – Alanah O’Reilley
Older Diana – Sixuan Chen
Gilbert Blythe – Elijah David
Mrs. Barry – Audrey LePage
Mr. Phillips – Matthew Hogan
Prissy Andrews – Melanie Tennant
Minnie May Barry – Sydney Bondy
Mrs. Spencer – Hailey Chase
Josie Pye – Ayslin Downhill
Gertie Pye – Livia Downhill
Ruby Gillis – Bella Lavoie
Moody MacPherson – Isaiah Pinkowski
Charlie Sloane – Lex Young
Jane Andrews – Emma Longeuay
Miss Stacy – Kaylee Cabrera
Aunt Josephine Barry – Anne Garant
Mrs. Bluett – Qianyi Liu
Mrs. Allan – Serena David
Reverend Allan – Ruairi Porcellini
Sam Boulter –┬áRyan Nesbit
Station Master – Nathan Perry
Doctor – Adrianna Rota
Mr. Barry – Nathan Perry
Peddler – Ryan MacLean
Tilly Boulter – Natalia Dube
Minnie Andrews – Marissa Dodich
Sarah Gillis – Lilly Renaud
Julia Bell – Sarah Rogan
Ella May MacPherson – Abby Soulliere
Sophia Sloane – Mackenzie Ewen
Katie Boulter – Priya Dube
Lily Jones – Kendra Simone
Mrs. Hammond – Katie Hales
Mrs. Thomas – Mackenzie Ewen
Mary Jo – Faith Lamas
Little Anne – Rachel Tennant
Seussical evening Final.jpg

Cat in the Hat – Kaylee Cabrera
Horton – Elijah David
Gertrude – Abby Soulliere
Mayzie – Jenna LePage
JoJo – Marissa Dodich
The Sour Kangaroo – Allyson Johnston

The Bird Girls – Brinda Joseph Benher, Serena David, Meredith Garswood, Emma Longeuay

The Wickersham Brothers – Julian David, Audrey LePage, Ryan Nesbit, Lex Young

Yertle the Turtle – Ryan MacLean
Vlad Vladikoff – Katie Hales
Mr. Mayor – Nathan Perry
Mrs. Mayor – Adrianna Rota
Thing One – Grace Clarkson
Thing Two – Sarah Rogan
General Genghis Khan Schmitz – Matthew Hogan
The Grinch – Isaiah Pinkowski
Circus McGurkis – Sophie Atcheson
The Cat’s Fish – Elijah Lafontaine
Cindy Lou Who – Livia Downhill
Hailey Chase, Nick Lane, Qianyi Liu
Circus Performers:
Syndey Bondy, Ayslin Downhill, Brooke Samms, Kendra Simone, Alisa Whalen
Sydney Bondy, Hailey Chase, Ayslin Downhill, Natalia Dube, Nick Lane, Bella Lavoie, Qianyi Liu, Alanah O’Reilley, Lilly Renaud, Brooke Samms, Alisa Whalen.
Jungle Animals:
Sixuan Chen, Priya Dube, Mackenzie Ewen, Anne Garant, Faith Lamas, Ruairi Porcellini, Kendra Simone, Melanie Tennant.
Junior Seussical roles to be announced in the new year.

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