The Double Whammy – Our Car Wash/Smash Fundraiser, July 16, 2016

On Saturday, July 16th, Riverfrontiers gathered at Sobey’s on Manning Road and prepared for the third annual car wash – but this year, we added a twist.  We threw in our highly decorated car, and a sledgehammer, and we had a SMASHING good time!
This Double-Whammy event was made possible through the generosity of John Yablonsky of Yablonsky’s Auto Clinic at 4355 Tecumseh Rd. E., and through the ongoing friendly hospitality of the good folks at Sobey’s, who keep having us back.
Thank you to Latanya Chase for taking most of these photographs!
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From start to finish, we were there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (okay, a little after six, waiting for the tow truck to haul the poor beast away again).  We left happy and sunburnt and triumphant. We awoke the next morning, some of us, a little stiff and sore.  We attracted a lot of attention, and we made some new friends, and hopefully, we got a few more people aware of who Riverfront is, and what we’re doing – even what we’re doing when we aren’t smashing and washing cars!
Thanks to the efforts of everyone who was out working with us, and contributing to have their car washed, or take a hammer to our car – and we didn’t capture all of them on camera, I’m afraid, because we did work in shifts, and the group shot was taken at the end of the day – I’m pleased to say that we raised right around $550 towards our next season’s expenses!
For everyone who came out on Saturday – if you washed cars, if you smashed cars, if you sold coffee, waved signs, shared our event with a friend, brought your car to us, or picked up the hammer and tucked some money in our donation box – thank you for your support. Thank you for helping us with our most recent team-building experience that builds our bank account to fund our upcoming three shows!
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