Construction and Choreography!

Our Aladdin and the Arabian Nights opens in just 11 days, and we are in our usual last week of flurry constructing our set and finalising the choreography. Rehearsals are getting hectic, and extra mini-rehearsals are getting thrown in every week at RTC Headquarters. The Riverfrontiers are working hard to bring a beautiful production to the stage for you May 20th-29th at The Olde Walkerville Theatre, and #RTCAladdin is going to be wonderful!
So what does it look like in the final couple of weeks for a theatre company with a wee budget and no rental space for construction?  Well, our house gets taken over – MORE. We’re used to having roughly two rooms occupied by Riverfront, and negotiating for space in the garage, but in the past couple of weeks, it’s getting out of control. We’ve lost the patio, the entire garage, the guinea pig room, the library, the family room, and today, the driveway went…and honestly – I’m not sure we’d really have it any other way.  We bless the crazy devotees that have practically moved in to make this all happen, and the families and kids who keep piling into our confined spaces to make more rehearsal and construction time happen.  We love the spring musical, because we CAN pull in more helpers – we have some space to spread out, and the kids get a chance to paint and build and help.  In the winter, space is tight, as we desperately try to heat the garage to get the job done. In May – weather permitting, it’s all good!
So here’s a peek at the madness that is “RTC headquarters” these days – and a bit of a peek at some rehearsal time, too.

It all started with Kerri and Jennalynn.  Kerri is entirely responsible for the design of this production, and she’s unhesitatingly planned it, budgeted it, orchestrated it and is now building it daily!  Jennalynn, not an RTC member, always appears mysteriously when it’s time to build a set, and then vanishes again. This is the only time we see her, which is a shame, because she’s a darling.

The stairs getting their canvas cover and first coat of paint…

Only a two-car garage can (sorta-kinda) make this work!  I think I’ve had a car in there once….

Painting the archways…

We’re very thankful for good weather!!

Musical Director Jeff Gartshore works with Scheherazade during rehearsal.

The zombies are stampeding, and the heroes need to defeat them!

It’s all coming up so rapidly we can scarcely believe it’s finally just about here!  Denise is working feverishly on costumes, and the school bookings keep coming in…we have a few seats left on the 27th, but not much more!  Tickets are available through the box office at The Olde Walkerville for our regular performances – just call 519-253-2929, or drop by this week during the Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival and pick up your tickets!

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