On this date in 1813….

On January 28, 1813, Pride and Prejudice was first published.
203 years later, and it’s going going strong – stronger than ever!
More than 20 million copies sold worldwide.
More than 1.5 million of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (and the movie opens next weekend!) – who would ever have foreseen that!
It’s been made into many movies, tv shows, it’s been adapted, it’s been performed live, it’s been loved. There have been modern-day spinoffs and takes on the concept. It endures.
The real mark of a classic is its continued relevance and appeal throughout the ages. Pride and Prejudice is tested and true – one of the most beloved pieces of English literature in existence.  We love Elizabeth’s spunk. We love to hate Darcy, and then to fall in love with him right along with Elizabeth. We love laughing at Mr. Collins, wincing and sympathising with Mrs. Bennet, and we want to shout to anyone who will listen – “DON’T TRUST WICKHAM!”  And we all melt when we see Bingley and Jane finally reunited.  We love these people like family, and we’ve been loving them for over two hundred years.
And YOU have a chance to see them all, all your favourite characters, in Windsor, at the Olde Walkerville Theatre next month.
Don’t miss it!
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