Another Happy Pancake Breakfast at Applebee’s!

Today was the second annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser at Applebee’s, and once again, it was a smash hit!

Our kids worked to serve 91 guests in two hours, raising $910 for RTC in that short time! With a few added donations this week, from those who couldn’t make it, but still wanted to support us, I think we actually hit the $1000 mark!  We are so grateful to Applebee’s for supporting us (and others in the community) with such a terrific fundraiser, where so much of the money raised stays in the hands of the fundraising organisation!



A great time was had by our guests and our “staff,” – the students and volunteers with RTC!  Many thanks, also, to the parents who pitched in to help, especially in the kitchen, where the young kids aren’t allowed!  Thank you to everyone who continues to support this amazing group of young kids in their efforts to bring exciting theatre to the stage in Windsor!



Proceeds from this fundraiser will be going toward expenses for our upcoming show, Pride and Prejudice, opening in just 34 days!  Friday, February 19th-Sunday, February 21st, with three shows for the public at large, and one show for schools and community groups!  Please be sure to come see this beloved classic, in an original adaptation created just for RTC!

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