We’re feeling the love….HONESTLY, we are!

Over the past few weeks, we have had some adventures at RTC!  Bring nearly 50 kids and their directors and volunteers together each Saturday, and of course you have some excitement!

Here’s just a little bit of us feeling the RTC love – such as the day that we surprised Kerri with a housewarming party for her new apartment!

IMG_3577 IMG_3587 IMG_3606Every young woman needs a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, right?

Who else is getting loved on?  Why, the JUNIORS, of course!  Gearing up for their production of A Salute to Peanuts next week, they got a little help in EMOTING from their “adoptive” parents in the Senior group, and had some time to work with them for some of their music, as well.  And every week, without fail, their directors are there guiding them through their play and helping them get it stage-ready!

IMG_3615 IMG_3569 IMG_3563 IMG_3658 IMG_3662

And then there was this weekend.  Now, I recognise that you may look at these pictures and feel a little dubious.

Are these kids just monkeying around?

IMG_3689 IMG_3688 IMG_3692 IMG_3722 IMG_3723 IMG_3725 IMG_3728 IMG_3730 IMG_3731 IMG_3732

Well, yes, and no. They’re certainly learning and enjoying something one of our guest instructors, Cassidy, called the “Baby Monkey Carry,” along with a variety of lifts, carries, and moves. Cassidy is a fourth year drama student from the University of Windsor who came in to teach Stage Contact to our students on December 5th. The kids LOVE their workshop Saturdays, and this one was no different.  Baby Monkey Carries, Zombie falls, carries, flips, barrel rolls and more – learning to move, and to work with each other safely and effectively for dynamic and dramatic movement is something that’s going to come into play a lot with Aladdin and the Arabian Nights.

While Cassidy was working with one group, fellow drama student Kathleen was working with them on stage combat.  Now, as much as our students love each other, they really loved beating each other up!  But it’s all okay, because as Kathleen told them, “Actors don’t bleed!”  They’re getting better and better at faking it, though, and having a riot with it!

Huge thanks to Cassidy and Kathleen for joining us this past weekend to teach so much with so much energy and spirit!

IMG_3773 IMG_3744 IMG_3696

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