Dear Riverfront Friends and Family!

We would like to say how proud we are of all the students who auditioned yesterday – they did a fine job under very stressful circumstances.  I know they made it very challenging for their directors to make some of the decisions!

We are proud and excited to introduce your cast for our May 2016 production of Aladdin and the Arabian Nights!

Please check carefully – some people appear three times!

Aladdin 1 school

Aladdin:  Matthew Hogan
Jasmine: Natalia Dube
Sultan: Julian David
Scheherazade: Meredith Garswood
Dinarzade: Ayslin Downhill
Lekan: Allyson Johnston
Thoko: Nick Lane
Kahina: Katie Hale
Genie of the Ring: Jenna Lepage
Genie of the Lamp (A): Aidan Robertson
Genie of the Lamp (B): Brooke Samms
Tariq: Qianyi Liu
Servant 1: Gabrielle Divineez
Servant 2: Caroline Garswood
Royal Guard 1: Ryan Nesbit
Royal Guard 2: Isaiah Pinkowski
Grand Vizier: Ryan MacLean
Huda:  Melanie Tennant
Mariam: Grace Clarkson
Ali-Baba:  Elijah David
Kazzim: Serena David
Princess Dima: Zoe Zilliges
Princess Nizar:  Katelyn Renauld


Snake Charmer: Sarah Rogan
Fortune Teller: Gabby Monroe
Goat Merchant: Caroline Garswood
Camel Merchant: Ryan MacLean
Jeweller: Rachel Tennant
Tailor:  Anne Garant
Silk Vendor: Abby Soulliere
Fruit Vendor: Josephine Dufour
Perfume Seller (Fatima): Hailey Chase

Story within the Story Characters:

Fisherman: Melanie Tennant
Young Genie (A): Josh Matte
Young Genie (B): Gabrielle Divincecz
Princess of the Apple: Abby Soulliere
Sultan of the Apple: Josh Matte
Prince of the Telescope: Katelyn Renauld
Prince of the Flying Carpet: Anne Garant
Prince of the Apple: Josephine Dufour
Holy Woman: Melanie Tennant

Movement Actors/ Brides
(All will be background singers/dancers for Scheherazade):

Sophie Atcheson
Kaylee Cabrera
Jenna LePage
Sarah Rogan
Zoe Zilliges


Sophie Atcheson
Gabrielle Divinecz
Josephine Dufour
Anne Garant
Caroline Garswood
Ryan Maclean
Josh Matte
Gabby Monroe
Katelyn Renaud
Aidan Robertson (alternate shows)
Brooke Samms (alternate shows)
Abby Soulliere
Melanie Tennant

JUNIOR Genii and Animals:
To be Confirmed January 2016.

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