The 2nd Annual Riverfront Theatre Company Car Wash!

Saturday, August 29, 2015, Riverfronters gathered together for our kickoff fundraiser of the season.  Almost all our families were in town and ready to pitch in.


They got to work nice and early, starting the day with one of our OnFreight sponsor trucks, driven in by owner-operator Dave Duckett.


We think the sight of that big rig just pulls in the customers, because from that time on, they just kept driving in, and we were busy!


One of our new Juniors, Erin, got to work quickly and worked hard!  Erin is a younger sibling of Allyson, already with us for a good while in Seniors!


There was no shortage of help at any point today!


One of our new Seniors, Matt, gives a thumbs up!


Matt, Kerri, Allyson and Katie hard at work!


Brooke has been with Riverfront for several years!


Roan and Julian on the go!


Our fundraising and towel drying station – a busy place!


It was go, go, go, all day long!  Kathleen is on towel duty here, while the rest of the crew is washing.


I’m quite sure that Priya went home cleaner than any of the vehicles! And she wasn’t alone.


Gage, one of our younger siblings, got pretty sudsy himself!


We even appear to have obtained a mascot!  Say hi to Freeman!


And of course, Rachel was definitely sassy and covered in suds most of the day!


We had great kids with great signs!  Ayslin is nearly hidden here, but Abby is behind her, along with one of our new members, Isaiah!


Natalia, showing off one of our great signs made by the Robinsons.


And if we needed more attention, Abby, Sarah, and Grace to do the splits.  Who could ignore that??

It was a lovely, busy, friendly day, with an overwhelmingly positive reception from those who stopped to have their cars washed. Everyone kept saying what a great programme it sounds like we’re running – and we can’t help but agree!  From the sounds of it, with the eager questions and comments from the kids, September 12th can’t get here fast enough!

Thank you to our crew, thank you to our drivers, and THANK YOU, Sobeys, for hosting us again!

Our 13th Season is OFF AND RUNNING!

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