Moving Day – Into the Theatre for Princess Whatsername!

Today was Moving Day!

Our team met at RTC Headquarters and we went to pick up the U-Haul truck and get everything loaded in to bring to The Olde Walkerville Theatre.

It went a bit faster than we expected. And we hardly forgot anything!


Kerri got slightly trapped inside the truck, but had built herself an escape hatch!


The neighbours must hope our crazy, set-building-in-the-driveway family might be moving every time they see these trucks – but alas, no, it’s just transporting the insanity away temporarily.


Look!  There’s ROOM in the garage again!  Okay, yes, it’s getting more battle-scarred with every production, but look!  We can move again!  (Did I mention our dire need for storage space and construction room?)

All right – I’m going to get into a little trouble here with at least one member of the team for giving away a few secrets, but what the heck – look what we’re up to putting this all together!


Everything was the usual jumble at the theatre for the first little bit as we sorted things out together.  It’s a great sign of a busy theatre, when we’re moving in while ACT’s The Last Five Years is moving out – things are busy at The Olde Walkerville, and that’s terrific!


Our tech crew was getting the new board all set up and going, and the lights – going through the setup and reporting in a few additional needs for equipment.  We’ll be patching in our new keyboard that we bought this year with our fundraising money, and that needs to interface with the soundboard – odds and ends, and a lot of brainstorming on their parts to make things work well in our new setting, where we’re still sorting things out.


The first half of the set went together surprisingly quickly!  Doug, Drake, Caleb, Meaghan, Kerri and William made that look easy. It was the next bit that was tough.  The main part of our set is eight feet tall, but we have four foot extensions going up above that to give our forest height.  THAT was a little hair-raising and took a good chunk of time. But they did it!



William was absolutely EVERYWHERE, sweeping, cleaning, fetching, carrying, organising.  This member of the crew is probably the most important guy.  Right here.  He’s the man.


As the set comes together, Meredith, Allyson and Grace were working to seal the seams, which will get their final paint touch-ups tomorrow afternoon before the cast arrives.


Next we had to slide in the cave and stairs…


And we have a look at the assembled – but not quite finished – product.

There are still a couple of small items to be built at HQ, and finishing touches going on in various places, but it came together quite nicely today!

Tomorrow, the costumes and the cast arrive, and we begin our on-location rehearsals!  We’re working hard to get Princess Whatsername ready for you!  We hope you’re planning to join us!  Call 519-253-2929 for tickets, and see the play Friday night at 7, Saturday night at 7, or Sunday at 2.  Tickets are just $15 for adults, $8 for students under 18.  Please don’t forget our food and toiletries drive for WYC!  Help us to stock their shelves!


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