The Show Must Go…..ONLINE!

COVID-19 is tough stuff. It’s tough in a million ways. And one of them is our theatre group not being able to get together in person. Another is putting our production of Beauty and the Beast off until November (and hoping the world is a little less crazy by then and the new dates work just fine).

It’s hard stuff for our penguins not to be able to get together. But we are a determined bunch. So we’ve started getting together on Zoom, and we’re doing our best to keep the kids engaged and hopeful.

FURTHERMORE, we notice that it’s hard for our community to be without the arts! We see you flocking to Watch parties, we see you longing for musicals and comedy, and how desperately you covet shared experiences.

Fortunately, the folks at Beat by Beat Press have our backs. In addition to cheerfully delaying the show we HAD booked with them for November (more about that later), they’ve also made available an all-online musical that we’ve decided to pick up and run with.

Our kids need to do drama. We need to work together. We need a spring musical. The Show Must Go….ONLINE!

It’s cheesy! It’s corny! It’s self-isolation approved. We’re building this show, and we’re going to premiere it on YouTube May 29th!


STAY TUNED!!! Don’t go away!


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