Book Your Classes For Princesses Aplenty!

On Friday, May 26, 2017. at 10 a.m., the Riverfrontiers will be opening Princesses Aplenty: The Musical, for our school audiences. Students from Windsor and Essex County will be filing into The Olde Walkerville Theatre to see our first performance, as they do with every production.
I love watching the students filing in and seeing our beautiful historic theatre, which excites them, and watching their faces as they enjoy the performances. Invariably, after every school performance, I get a surge of emails from parents who want to know more about the programme we run, and how their kids can get involved. I like to imagine the excited chatter around the dinner table when the kids share about their experience with RTC earlier that day.
Princesses Aplenty is suitable for all grades to come to see – there may be some jokes or speeches that go over the heads of the smallest members of the audience, but there’s enough there to appeal to everyone. We have all your favourite princesses, we have just enough villainy to keep things exciting, we have a splash of Shakespeare for the older students – and enough fairy-tale characters bewildered by them that there’s frequent “interpretation” of their lines.
We have heroic characters standing up for themselves in choosing their own destiny and facing a prince-eating dragon. We have strong friendships, and mended relationships.
We have a SECRET DRAGON-SLAYING WEAPON that the audience will LOVE.
And we’ve set the entire thing to music from the 1960s. Over 20 wonderful songs, performed by our cast members, with the assistance of a live band.
It is a rollicking good time, performed by actors from 6-18, inspiring their audiences to become engaged in theatre, entertaining them, and making for a happy morning for all.
The performance runs till approximately 12:30 p.m. Tickets are only $5/student, with chaperones admitted at no cost. ¬†Through our Riverfront Educational Initiative, we are able to assist with cost reduction in some circumstances. Seats must be booked prior to the morning show, and at this point, we have sold approximately 70% of the theatre, so don’t delay in calling or emailing.
Do you believe in magic? Enjoy the magic of live theatre with your students, at our production of Princesses Aplenty on Friday, May 26th!
For those who would like to donate to the Riverfront Educational Initiative, please contact us as well, and know that your funds go directly to ticket money, allowing students to see the show who might otherwise be unable to afford to do so.  Donations made to Riverfront Theatre Company are tax-deductible, and receipts are issued. 

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