Announcing: The Cast of Princesses Aplenty!

The last weekend in May will mark the return of one of Riverfront Theatre Company’s most successful and popular plays! This year, we have expanded Princesses Aplenty for our full cast to perform, and we’ll have live music to accompany our singers on stage.  This fractured fairy tale is jam-packed with every character you could hope for, all struggling to overcome the difficulties of a fairy tale realm plagued by a prince-eating dragon!  And then…possibly a few characters it never occurred to you to look for, when the Wicked Witch gets the brilliant idea to import some characters from Shakespeare to help with the shortage of princes.  Take all this madness, and put it into the hands of a slightly manic wandering minstrel band who sets the entire story into the framework of your favourite music from the 1960s, and you have a recipe for a wildly entertaining performance, suitable for all ages!  And now – we have the play almost entirely cast!
Some of our Junior performers will be settled into their supporting roles once their Christmas show is over, but in the meantime, here is the cast of the 2017 production of  Princesses Aplenty! 
Director: Kerri Jubenville
Assistant Director: Caleb Hooper
Assistant Director: Caroline Garswood
Choreographer: Elena Holowitz
Music Director: Jeffrey Gartshore

Liz: Jenna LePage
Hamlet: Matt Hogan
The Fairy Godmother: Sophie Atcheson
Queen Lillian: Zoe Zilliges
Grizelda, the Wicked Witch: Qianyi Liu
Cinderella: Sarah Rogan
Macbeth: Julian David
Rapunzel: Brooke Samms
Sweet Pea: Natalia Dube
Ariel: Serena David
Sleeping Beauty: Kaylee Cabrera
Belle: Grace
Snow White: Dima
Priscilla: Ashleigh
Prince Eric: Ryan MacLean
Prince Percy: Nick Lane
Romeo/Friar Tuck: Katie Hale
Beast (Prince Louis): Elijah David
Witch #1/Stepsister #1: Melanie Tennant
Witch #2/Stepsister #2: Audrey LePage
Witch #3/Stepmother: Allyson Johnston
Attendant #1: Jaidin Washington
Attendant #2: Kendra Simone
Messenger #1: Josh Matte
Messenger #2 Josephine Dufour
Council Clerk: Anne Garant
Little Red Riding Hood: Ayslin Downhill
The Woodsman: Chloe Dudley
Lady Macbeth/Wolf: Caroline Garswood
Grouchy: TBD
Doc: TBD
Sneezy: Isaiah
Sleepy: TBD
Happy: TBD
Bashful: TBD
Dopey: TBD
Stealthy: TBD
Groucho: Meredith Garswood
Moe: Hailey Chase
Abbott: Julian David
Curly: Matt Hogan
Larry: Sierra LePage
Harpo: Alisa Whalen
Laurel: Kenzy Risto
Hardy: Emma Longeuay
Costello: Abby Soulliere
Chaplin: Moeno Katsura
Tiny: Lilly Renaud
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