The T-Shirts are in!

Missing from photo: Serena, Gabrielle, Ayslin, Aidan and Kelseigh.
Missing from photo: Serena, Gabrielle, Ayslin, Aidan and Kelseigh.

Today felt a little bit different today – we spent the first half of the day rehearsing next door to our usual rooms. Our rooms were needed by another group, and we were very fortunate that The executive director of our parent group, Kenny Gbabedo, made his offices next door at the YCA building available to us.  Thank you, Kenny!  So we worked on our scene work over there today, while Jeff worked with the students not needed at any given time, and put them through their paces with the vocals.

I haven’t had the luxury of sitting in on every vocal lesson, of course – but I have to say, it was certainly a treat to do so today!  The kids are already almost off book for all the lyrics of every song they looked over today, and they’re so excited about getting them out there. They already sound really very good. We’re getting a sense already of which kids are planning to audition for which parts. Our Aladdin auditions are coming up on November 7th.

After lunch, we all moved back into our regular rehearsal space and settled in. The Juniors arrived, and then we had a genuine spate of excitement.  Our T-shirts had arrived!  I love it when the tshirts come in – it generates such a lovely team spirit in the kids.

Our T-shirts this year came from Tribal Printing, Inc.  They’re nicely silk-screened, with all our show information on the back:

*Aladdin will be showing May 20-22nd, 27th-29th. There will be no show on May 23rd.

We’re hoping that we can get in some public appearances in our shirts this season, and spread a little of the RTC joie de vivre around as we prepare people for the upcoming shows!


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