Behind the Scenes in June!

As we move out of the regular season months, there’s a lot less to talk about with Riverfront, but I do have occasional little bits of news.

Right now, we are very busily working on our scripts for next season.  Pride and Prejudice is roughed out, with about five of the actual scenes written in draft form. That’s about ⅓ of the play done.

Aladdin and the Arabian Nights is completely drafted out. The script-writing hasn’t got underway with that one, though. On the other hand, we did pick up a TON of things for costuming for Aladdin this month, and that’s good news!

As for our Junior play, we are about 80% done with the work on the script.  So things are well underway there.

We’ve started mapping out the schedule for our next season’s rehearsals, and are getting things nailed into place with what our weeks will look like.

In a couple of weeks I will be revising our registration packages and getting ready to email them out in August.  First opportunity to register will go to our currently registered students, which is only fair. We anticipate capping our Junior ensemble at 17 members, but we have a lot of flexibility with the Seniors.

The next big job is to redo our Sponsorship brochures and start beating the bushes looking for a production sponsor for each of our shows – we will definitely be looking for some special members of the community who want to back the efforts of youth theatre in Windsor!

Next on the agenda – our year-end picnic this weekend for all our cast, crew and families!  Stay tuned for a friendly little blog on that next week!

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