Princess Whatsername is underway!

Our run of Princess Whatsername, which will close our TWELFTH SEASON, is well underway.  In our first two performances, we played to a total audience of about 550 people, and both shows have gone beautifully!

Our schools show in the morning:

School Performance, Princess Whatsername
School Performance, Princess Whatsername

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You have two chances left to see Princess Whatsername at the beautiful Olde Walkerville Theatre, tonight at 7 p.m. (Saturday, May 23rd) and tomorrow at 2 p.m. (Sunday, May 24th).  Tickets are available at the door, with the box office open an hour before each production. Tickets are $15 for adults, $8 for students.

I’ve had a lot of questions from audience members about what RTC is all about, and people who (God bless them!) are interested in helping in one way or another.  This is the place to be if you want to learn more about us.  We have an “About Us” link at the top of the page, an also links for volunteering, and joining Riverfront, which new members will be able to do in early September (though I do encourage people to contact us in advance).

Potential sponsors?  Let me make it easy for you!!  2014-2015 Sponsorship Form!!

We love Riverfront.  We believe with a tremendous passion in what we’re doing, in what it gives these kids, and in making it accessible to all of them.  Committed involvement on the part of our participating members and their families, the way our followers help spread the word about our group and our productions, the support of sponsors and advertisers, and most importantly, enthusiastic audiences that make every scrap of work worth it for everyone involved – we depend on it all.

Come see Princess Whatsername – you’ll love it. Bring a friend, and introduce someone new to the group.  Bring your favourite child(ren), and then don’t be surprised when they tell you that they want to be part of this.  Because, you see, that’s the magic of youth theatre – our young audience members really suddenly understand that they, too, can do what they see happening on that stage.  It’s the most exciting thing, to see a child reach out for that dream and be able to make it real.  Whether theatre ends up as their direction in life or not – it does, for several of them, but by no means for all – it continues to be a part of their life in the appreciation of theatre, and theatre-going for years to come. But far beyond that, the students carry with them tools that they unpack and discover in their time with us. They learn the incredible gift of putting something together as a team that they never could have done alone. They have a unique opportunity to explore their confidence levels and push them to the utmost – and succeed! To learn ways of coping when things go wrong, of adapting, and overcoming. They learn about making and keeping commitments, and so much about responsibility. They have an overwhelming sense of being loved and supported by a group of volunteers who, quite frankly, work their tails off to make it all come together with them.  They sure get over nerves in front of a crowd, and performance anxiety – and they do it all within the boundary of such love and friendship and mutual support.  Youth theatre is an amazing and precious thing in a person’s life.

This is something you want to be part of – it really, really is.  I encourage you to start as being part of our audience.  Tonight or tomorrow night.  Come see our kids.  You’ll be delighted that you did.

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