We're getting closer to Aladdin!

Starting formation for a dance number – see video at the end of this post!

We’re a little over a month away from opening, with a diminishing number of rehearsals ahead!  Things are getting exciting.  Final harmony work is coming into play, the last bits of choreography are tightening up, or the last small pieces being tackled. Our costume department is busy, busy, busy, and the props are starting to sneak their way in.  Any day now, construction of the set pieces will have to start!
Jeff has been working with our princesses and their backup for one of the princess numbers with some tricky harmony, and it’s starting to even out!
The blocking had to be tightened up for the big opening musical number, because of a few changes we implemented, so we had to specifically re-arrange who goes where!
What LOOKS like inattention and fatigue is a wee rest for Elijah, yes, but I believe Kaylee was feverishly researching some last minute swing dance moves….
But when everyone is feeling tired and restless, it’s usually time for a quick game of Improv Freeze, which always gets the energy levels back up!
For some reason, though, someone is always collapsed in Improv.
Caroline tries to explain away her responsibility for the corpse in her living room.
Zoe pretends to have a complete toddler meltdown at her father…
And is astonished when she unscrews her eyes to find the camera about an inch from her face!
Best use of a post in improv – Kaylee’s tongue is stuck, and Elijah proposes hacking it off.
Tugging at our heartstrings, Meredith and Ayslin do a quick little back story improv on Scheherazade and her younger sister!
It was a busy, busy day today.  And because we’re feeling very generous, we’re going to give you the tiniest peek at a rehearsal (not from today) of one of our amazing numbers.  This is an early-stage rehearsal, and just a portion of the song – but let it be a bit of incentive to grab your attention!
And in final news, we have started accepting bookings for our school shows, and are already about half sold out – so teachers and schools need to contact us soon to arrange their class visits to the performances!  We have two school shows – Friday, May 20th and Friday, May 27th, both at 10 a.m. Tickets are $5/students, with chaperones admitted at no charge, by PRE-BOOKING ONLY!
Aladdin 1 final

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